Why I Love “The Office”

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I know that due to personal tastes and scruples for most people the majority of shows aren’t worth watching but there is one show that my wife and I get a kick out of watching every. single. time.

So, I’ve found 20 reasons why I love this show.  Thanks to YouTube and WatchMojo.com!

Reason’s #1 – #10

Reason’s #11 – #20



’nuff said!  And yes, you can buy it on Amazon and iTunes if you don’t have a Netflix subscription.

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2 thoughts on “Why I Love “The Office””

  1. I love The Office as well! Initially after watching the first few episodes I was thinking, “this show doesn’t seem that good”. But the more I watched, the more I loved it and by season 2 I was hooked! Maybe it’s just me but every character feels well developed and the humour is exactly my style. The only reason I’ve only watched it twice is because I am giving myself more time to “forget” what happened. So hopefully the next time I watch it, it will be just as amazing!

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