What is your 2017 Pursuit of Happiness?

What is your 2017 Pursuit of Happiness?


  All of us set goals each and every year, whether it’s a detailed spreadsheet with hard-fast metrics or a fleeting thought that is satisfied moments later.  I set goals all the time, but only the big ones do I seem to track with any regularity. This year’s challenge is to be intentional in the pursuit of our goals.  Not only in the pursuit of our goals, but in the very nature of the goal itself.  Does your goal or resolution have the direct result of bringing about more Happiness in your life?


If not, why have it as a goal in the first place?  If so, perfect!

This year my theme is, yup – you guessed it.  The Pursuit of Happiness.  I want each and every action too, in some small way, bring about the Happiness of those in my life.  You can view a list of my goals here.

Would you be willing to share your 2017 Pursuit with us below?

I’m looking forward to reading about your 2017 Pursuit of Happiness so thanks in advance for sharing about your 2017 Pursuit!

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2 thoughts on “What is your 2017 Pursuit of Happiness?”

  1. For me 2017 is all about Personal Independence through Financial Independence – PI-FI!

    That’s going to be the main theme on my blog this year.

    1. Hi Ty, Thanks for stopping by and thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to read about your Pursuit this year and to see where it takes you. I like the shorthand of it too “PI-FI” – very nice!

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