Three ways to make Positive Thinking a Habit

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3 ways to Make Positive Thinking a Habit

Struggling with negativity is a challenge many of us deal with. After all, Debbie Downer character exists for a reason.  Try these 3 ways to make positive thinking a habit.

Keep a Gratitude Journal

Keeping a gratitude journal can be a great reminder of the positive things in our life. Write down things that you are happy about or blessed with and don’t be afraid to keep it simple.  A warm meal and a safe place to sleep is more than others have.  So today, write down one thing, just one – that you are grateful for.  Now, rinse and repeat all week and see how your focus slowly starts to change from the negative to the positive.  At the end of each week read through your journal to be reminded of just how blessed you really are.   Try it and report back how well it worked for your if you’d like 🙂

keep a gratitude journal for the power of positive thinking


Use Positive Words instead of Negative Words to describe your life

Words are powerful, despite this old saying.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”

The simple truth of the matter is that words can, and do hurt.  Often our own thoughts can weigh and beat down on us without us even realizing the impact it has to our life or the lives of those closest to us.  So try this instead…

Whatever things are true,

Whatever things are noble,

Whatever things are right,

Whatever things are pure,

Whatever things are lovely,

Whatever things are of a good report,

If there is any excellence and if anything is worthy of praise,

Dwell on these things.


and finally,

Just Breathe.

Sometimes, we get so busy and stressed we forget to just take a moment to simply chill out.  Did you know there are scientific benefits to paying attention to how we breathe?  Take a moment and read through this great infographic about particular breathing exercise called Alternate Nostril Pranayama.

The Scientific Benefits of Breathing (Infographic)

These three simple to implement things can help us #ChooseHappiness today.  To use the words of Dr. Seuss…

Try them! Try them! And you may. Try them and you may I say…

What ways do you use to help build positive habits in your life?  Share with us below!

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6 thoughts on “Three ways to make Positive Thinking a Habit”

    1. I was amazed myself at just how important (other than the obvious, of course) breathing is to our health!

  1. I will definitely have to try these breathing techniques when I am stressed at my job. Other people and there negativity tend to creep into my mindset too much.

    I love thinking about little things that I have that make me happy and it instantly makes me feel better. My wife has asked why I send her a random ‘I love you’ text a lot of days. I usually think of a memory or a quality of hers that I am thankful for.

    Small things can have a HUGE difference in our life. Great article to make me think about doing these things more. Thanks!

    1. The little things can go a long way to make the day better. I know I am blessed far beyond what I’d have thought possible.

      Thanks for sharing!

  2. My wife when she gets stressed, which unfortunately with a budding 2 year old is often, audibly says just breathe. This allows her to relax and not get too frustrated. I have to admit it’s rubbed off on me and I find myself saying under my breath, just breathe, when I get frustrated at work. Definitely works 🙂

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