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I know that many bloggers post their results and it may be a bit overdone – however, it really is exciting to share the results of one’s efforts!  So, I wanted to share my Twitter stats so far for December 2016 (when the account was opened) and the first half of January.

January 2017 – Part One – Summary

Tweets : 88 | Tweet impressions: 5,770 | Profile visits: 710 | Mentions: 6 | New followers: 66

December 2016 – Summary

Tweets: 3 | Tweet impressions: 34 | Profile visits: 7 |  New followers: –

Compared to December, January has performed wonderfully so far.  Although, it isn’t hard to outperform 7 profile visits and 0 followers. Okay, let’s discuss some of the things that we did differently this month.

Things we’ve done so far:

  • SNAP (Social Networks Auto Poster): This plugin has been very helpful for sending out new posts automatically to not only Twitter but also our Facebook page. We configured the tweet to include a shortened URL from Rebrandly and a hashtag we are trying to have gain popularity. #TPOHappiness
  • Statusbrew: We use it to send out a direct message on Twitter thanking them for following us and suggesting they come to the website to have a peek.
  • NimbleQuotes: Configured with quotes themed with the Pursuit.  We just started this yesterday so the results won’t be in for some time.
  • We send out a tweet to say thank you for each account that chooses to follow us. This has been quite effective as far as Tweet impressions go, one of these received 343 impressions.
  • Lest you think the Twitter account is mainly automated, each morning and evening we are active on twitter itself and have been able to connect with some wonderful people this way.

Plans moving forward:

  • TPOHappiness had over 700 profile visits but the website only had half of that in new sessions over the same period.  We need to determine how to better drive traffic from Twitter to the site itself.

Updated – January Totals

Jan 2017 Summary

Tweets : 556 | Tweet impressions : 45.2K | Profile visits : 2,350 | Mentions : 75 | New followers : 231


Okay, so this is the final January 2017 Twitter Summary.  As you can see the second half of the month had a lot more activity than the first half – exciting!

The Highlights

  • We averaged over 72 Profile visits and over 1,458 tweet impressions each day
  • The Top Tweet earned 1,808 Impressions
  • The Top Media Tweet earned 1,605 Impressions
  • Google Analytics says we had 695 January Sessions with 4,682 page views; so we still need to figure out how to drive more traffic to the actual website from Twitter, especially considering the tweets had over 45k impressions for the month.

Well, that’s it for Twitter so far.  What do you think, did we do okay for month one on Twitter? Is that where you found us? Let us know in the comments below.
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5 thoughts on “the Pursuit of Blogging | Part 2 | Twitter”

  1. Sounds like you’ve done an awesome job so far. I have used buffer to automate my messages, I think up to ten tweets can be saved at one time. I’ll have to check out some of the other tools you mentioned.

  2. I use buffer for Facebook and Twitter. It’s nice to load in a few tweets for the day of a post, etc. I would like to be more active on Twitter myself, interacting with readers etc, but it’s hard to find the time consistently. SNAP and Nimble Quotes sound like interesting plugins, I’ll have to check those out. Thanks for sharing!

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