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Hello, TPOHappiness readers! For some time now, I have been thinking that the Pursuit of Happiness needs some kind of caricature gimmick or mascot to help us along our journey but one that still had deep, powerful meaning.  Some of my favorite blogs have these gimmicks that really play nicely into the overall website and help to personify the site in general, far beyond what the author(s) itself could do. Well, I think the idea has finally arrived, not it’s not a purple unicorn or a rainbow butterfly so don’t worry – after all, I am too young to be a true hippy. Its presence is much more effectual than that. So, why didn’t we just choose a butterfly or unicorn to help – I mean after all they are happy little things.  In short, because you need something to smack that crazy doleful inner egomaniac back in line and a pretty little butterfly isn’t going to do that.  I mean sure, the butterfly will be able to remind you of your happy thoughts when everything is quiet and peaceful, but what will help you when you are in the middle of a storm? You need something capable in order to remind us during the rough times, the hard times to keep on the Pursuit.

Introducing the Pursuit Cerberus.

I know right – I just blew your mind! So, what does the Pursuit Cerberus do for us? Well, part of his job is to keep us from spending and using our money in a manner that is contrary to our own Pursuit. We don’t want to invest our limited resources in things contrary to our Pursuit!  One of the great ways he will accomplish this task is to track down other bloggers brilliant posts about wise money spending. Another part of his job is to remind us of what makes us happy; of why we get up in the morning of what our Pursuit is.  As we get to know the Pursuit Cerberus, we’ll no doubt discover more of his methodology to aid our journey.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Cerberus, it’s that freaky three-headed dog in Greek mythology that is guarding the gates of Hades. Our Pursuit Cerberus differs from the legendary Cerberus because it is frankly a bit less creepy than the original.  Well, a lot less creepy actually. First off, its genetic structure is such that only one head is present. So that alone is a huge deal. I mean seriously, a three-headed wolf-dog thing is the stuff of nightmares and not exactly indicative of happy thoughts. Now before you, Greek mythos purists (they exist?) bite my head off, it’s simply a fun adaptation to help personify the intent to keep us on track with our Pursuit.  So, what role should he play? I believe this guy should stick to you like your best friend and companion – just like your shadow that follows you wherever you go.  You have to let it guard your Pursuit of Happiness!  Don’t let distractions get in the way.  Don’t dwell on negative thoughts! Yes, we all need to keep him by our side so he can calmly remind us of the dangers of falling off the Pursuit. No, he’s not going to bite your head off – he’s going to bite the heads off of the negative and anti-pursuitian thoughts that fill your own head, often from your own doleful inner egomaniac who is hell-bent on messing with your Pursuit!

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think of the Pursuit Cerberus below in the comments.  The next part in this series will include details of the ways the Pursuit Cerberus helps us maintain focus.


Come to think of it, I should find a way to make a little graphic of my own Pursuit Cerberus and sticky him to my bathroom mirror.  If any of you excel in the graphical arts or know of someone who does, please let me know.  Art has never really been my thing (hence the beautiful site design :-P) and I’d really like to get this guy properly personified.

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2 thoughts on “the Pursuit Cerberus | Part One”

  1. “Our Pursuit Cerberus differs from the legendary Cerberus because it is frankly a bit less creepy than the original. Well, a lot less creepy actually. ”

    That is funny.

    Seriously, its a great idea for Ceberus keeping those negative thoughts away. They slip in so damn easy…and silently and that inner-ego is attacking the pursuit before you know it.

    Looking forward to the next post on maintaining focus.

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