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A song by Andy Abraham, called Broken-Hearted, ran over and over in my head this morning. I don’t know if you have you heard it but it starts out speaking about a land of broken dreams, and that happiness is just an illusion filled with sadness and confusion. Well…I know we have all been there. It’s painful for sure.

What does come of the broken-hearted? Do they give up and become angry? Do they forgive and forget but then realize how hard that is to do?

You can meet many attractive people who fall in your lap, but is it really going to fulfill that broken heart? Are you using them? Are they using you? And, most of all, do you want to love again/can you love again? Don’t say no so quickly, I have to make a plea…

The chorus starts to play again, “I know I got to find some kind peace of mind…”

I may not know everything, but I do know this, peace in the heart and mind is about loving again, and believe it or not, that it is very possible with a good-ending to this life you have here. Most people choose to look at their past and judge that everyone is going to hurt them eventually. I understand that it is in your nature to want to “protect” yourself. But, you can also choose to blow off this fear and move forward. In fact, we look at what we want, instead of what we need.

This is a problem with our ignorance.

You need to figure out what you need, you need to write down what you need. Ask yourself some questions and beg yourself to let go of fear. Your affirmation should be the word peace. Pray for balance and peace. Leave the word fear out of your vocabulary and feelings. In fact stating to yourself, “I am willing to love again” is all you need to say, feel, and think – and it will come. Quantum Physics proves this theory if you practice it, or, the belief in God, however you see fit.

You need to ask yourself to master healing from your past. Meeting people in this time (friends), will give you the opportunity to laugh again, which gives you hope again. For all those who have built walls and don’t understand who you are because of all the shattered pieces in your heart, you need to listen to what this song states… and simply find some kind of peace of mind.

Prayer or reflection on YOUR mistakes, not theirs, is what you need to understand. Your “choices” from the previous relationship since you chose them – or the fact that you can’t let go, whichever one it was – is all YOU. Finding and understanding yourself will help you stop choosing the same type of people that are wrong for you. Looking at your selfish-behavior first is important prior to pointing the finger at another. Claiming that dating is just not the same because of the era we live in is just an excuse to avoid the “work” that goes into dating.

Face reality. It is YOU. Finding you is what is lost here, not love.

What do you think?

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