Science Says… Do these 4 things to make Today a Happier Day

Do these Four Things to make Today a Happier Day

Many times, we don’t wake up thinking, “How can I make today better than yesterday”, if you are anything like me – usually this is closer to reality, “I have to do this, and that, and this, and I didn’t have time for that yesterday so that goes to the top of my list, and oh, don’t forget to do this over here…” You get the idea.

Today, I’m going to take it a bit slower and utilize the below 4 simple concepts to help me #choosehappiness, today.

Exercise for a Few Minutes

Just a few, say 7 minutes.  You’ll feel better… Science says so.  Does playing airplane with my son count?  Possibly – but I’m going to make sure by setting aside 7 minutes to jog around the block this evening.  Hopefully, I’ll make it the full 7 minutes…

Don’t know which exercises to do?  Try one of these:


Intentionally Smile at Least Once Every Hour

Smiling is great – yup, so says Science.  Make it a point to smile today.. more than once. Go ahead and give it a try and experience the benefits that go with smiling.  No, not that fake smile that doesn’t reach your eyes.  A real smile, try the one below:



Get a Good Night’s Rest

Science says… Sleeping is important.. in fact, it is essential to happiness. Don’t believe me? Stay awake for the next 24 hours – yikes!  In all seriousness though, the studies do show that being well rested is a contributing factor in our emotional well-being.  My own personal experiences line up with those results too, I am much more capable of correctly handling situations being well-rested as compared to not getting enough sleep!

If you’re having trouble sleeping, my wife and I discovered this White Noise App that has helped our son stay asleep during his naps.


Need more help getting enough sleep?  Check out this post by Mustard Seed Money

Why You Probably Need More Sleep

Turn off the T.V. | Spend more Quality Time with Family and Friends

Quality time, not quantity time is apparently one of the most important aspects dealing with our happiness as individuals.  With that in mind, turn off the television tonight and spend it with your family or friends.  Make your pursuit count!




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6 thoughts on “Science Says… Do these 4 things to make Today a Happier Day”

  1. Intentionally, not fake smiling is essential. There is a saying in some countries “smiling everyday makes people younger.”
    If we learn or gain something by our daily job, it keeps us happy, too.

    1. Do you know off-hand which countries those are? I’m thinking its time to make a list of various country’s sayings about being happy!

  2. I walk a lot and I love to smile at strangers on the street. It makes me feel good and more connected to my community. I always laugh though when I pass the rare person who won’t look at anyone and has such a stern look on their face. I feel like going up to them and saying “lighten up!” 🙂

    1. You could always walk up to them and give them the honor of five minutes of uninterrupted eye contact!


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