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Today, Katelyn from Pursuit and Perspective shares with us her 2nd guest post in the series. Thank you, Katelyn, for sharing with us today about your Pursuit.

An Offering of Thanks


I have to admit, I sometimes throw pity parties for myself.

It doesn’t usually last very long – just long enough for me to wallow in a mental cloud of complaints about my circumstances. This goes on for about one day and then I’m over it for the next few weeks.

I’ve been trying to be more intentional about being positive and speaking life over my circumstances. It has been a true test for me. I come from a family who tends to be very negative about everything. In the words of my husband’s uncle, you could give them a bucket of gold and they would complain about the bucket. I have been like this at times, too. I hope I at least get some credit for recognizing it!

I’ve been forcing myself to see the good in things because if I don’t then I would take everything for face value and automatically assume things will never get better from what life is throwing at me right now. Face value at this moment is my husband and I living with my parents after almost 5 years of marriage. We have no car and not much money. His current job pays him commission only and can take about a year to get enough experience to actually make sales (we are 6 months in as I type this). And I stay at home with my dad almost every day and cook and clean for him because his health is not good, so my social life is almost non-existent outside of seeing my immediate family and attending church.

It is easy to look at circumstances and think of how much better things could be if this or that changed. I guess this is where faith has to do the thinking for me. When I take a step back from what all has been happening, and not happening, I see that there is so much beauty in what is going on with us.

There are prayers I have prayed for years that have been answered through the situation we are in. I asked God to do a work in my family. If we lived on our own and were completely financially independent, my family would not get the chance to see first hand how God has changed my heart. My life has become a daily witness to them during this hard time. They trust me more than ever, and my mom and brother have even attended our church (which is a huge difference from the church they used to attend). I asked God to break off the need for material things from my heart, and He sure did deliver on that one! But He has also shown me that this time in my life is not forever. However, what I learn from this season will be with me forever. I will be able to draw wisdom, peace, and faith for the rest of my life from what He is teaching me now.

I’ve seen it proven many times over that the key to a breakthrough in hard times is thankfulness. People always say, “It’s the small things”. I think the small things are not as small as what they seem. When I am thankful for what I already have, even if it seems small, then He is faithful to pour out more into my life. The “more” almost never comes in a package that I expect. But it never disappoints. So no more pity parties for me!


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