My Spectacles


I had an experience today I wanted to briefly share with you all, however off-topic it may seem – so here goes!

So, I had to get my first pair of glasses today.  I’d been avoiding it for years but the time had come. I must say the experience was unusual.  I was brought into a room to look into this machine that displayed a little house without any trees in the field and then asked a series of questions. Once they do that they (the people in scrubs) attempt to distort your vision by putting drops in your eyes and make you go sit in the corner of a dark room until their attempt at vision distortion is successful. Now, a different person (still in scrubs) begins to shine bright lights into your eyes that can’t help but be wide open due to the duck tape on your eyelids! Well, not really physical duck tape more of a verbal duck tape. Don’t close your eyes they say!

Following another series of seemingly repetitious questions (Do you like A or B better? Can you see B, or A better – WRONG – Let’s try again)  After a while I swear they all look the same.

Once the interrogation is over I was allowed to go stand by a wall of 100s of frames and pick one out.  Yay choices! Afterward, I said “thank you” and handed them my credit card for the torture session.  Granted there is a lot of medical science behind it but to me, it really did feel a bit torturous.  All in all, I can see better now so the process works, however, strange it may seem. So thank you Eye Doctors of the world, even though you may get nominated for the Doctor Frankenstein award, I can see much more easily now and your skill-set is appreciated in spite of the sarcasm!

Do you have any interesting medical stories to tell in a similarly sarcastic fashion? If so, share with us in the comments!


My spectacles came in and they work great! I can shrink the zoom back to 100% again.  Thanks again Eye Doctors of the world – your magic works!

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3 thoughts on “My Spectacles”

  1. The worst part of the eye doctor exam is the “puff” of air that they blow into your eye. It feels like gale force winds are hitting one eye at a time. I’m more afraid of that exam than getting poked by a needle at the dentist.

    1. Thankfully, I didn’t have to deal with the dreaded air puff. Maybe it will be my turn for that particular experience next time around.

      Thanks for sharing!

  2. I hear you, I hate getting my eyes checked. And especially the puff of air where they measure eye pressure. Which by the way goes up when you are stressed, and I get stressed because I know the puff is coming so my eye pressure is always too high.
    I am not too fond of anything medical and I also hate getting my hair cut. All that fiddling around is just not for me.
    Love, Christianne

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