My Drop-Shipping Side Hustle.. okay, not really…

As you may know from is your Pursuit intentional, I have gone back to a day job after spending the first seven months of my son’s life at home with him for the most part but still working several consulting gigs during that time.

I remember now why I left the day job world in the first place. While I enjoy a decent salary, trading time for money isn’t the most rewarding way to spend the majority of the day when all I really want is to be home and teach my son all I’ve learned about life and having him teach me about the very same.

So, in addition to blogging, convincing my very talented wife to start a blog of her own, making significant and radical frugal living changes (for us at least) we (my wife and I) have started a drop-shipping business selling products made here in the USA.

This isn’t really what this particular post is about though.

The Point

As we approach this season of thanksgiving I’m reminded how very blessed I am, and have also been recently reminded how others are very much hurting. So we have made a decision.

We are giving a huge percentage of the proceeds from the drop-shipping business to an organization that helps people who have been victimized of human trafficking.

I share this with you for one primary reason…(and no, this has nothing to do with having a pat on the back, save your pats for another day)

  • This website, blog, teeny tiny corner of the internet is not only about my own pursuit of happiness but the happiness of others and doing what we can to aid in their quest. I’m really hoping we can do some good in helping support this organization that diligently works to rescue people out of bondage and give them hope building a new life.

I encourage you to take a moment to stop by their site and learn more about the various way we can all help with this horrible crime against humanity.

P.S.  This post took a different turn than what I was originally expecting, so to keep the focus on this organization and the good they are doing I will fill you in about the side hustle in a future post so seriously, take a second and see how you can help the fight against human trafficking. Don’t want to?

Take this survey to find out how many slaves you employ. Survey link:

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2 thoughts on “My Drop-Shipping Side Hustle.. okay, not really…”

  1. Giving is truly one of the most rewarding things to do with our wealth. And here in the US we do have wealth. I recognize the blessings that I have as well, and helping others is certainly key to happiness.
    Thanks for giving back. And thanks for sharing.

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