How to Grow Potatoes Indoors

This post will be an unusually short one.  For us newbie vegetable gardeners, below is a brief collection of information regarding the growing of potatoes indoors.

Instead of writing out a research post, I thought the info would be best served by simply directing you to the source. The process seems to be fairly straight forward once the underlying mechanics are spelled out.  A variation I would see being required for basement growing, especially if there is no outside light is to have some grow-lights setup.

Another great way to start the path to self-sufficiency, Enjoy!

If you prefer to read:

How To Grow Potatoes Indoors



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4 thoughts on “How to Grow Potatoes Indoors”

  1. Very interesting! I have a small garden outside which I enjoy growing different veggies in but I struggle to find the time to care for it the way it deserves. But growing potatoes inside sounds like an easy and simple solution. Thanks for sharing, I’ll be looking into this now!

    1. I’d guess the tactic could be slightly modified and applied for growing several kinds of root veggies indoors also.

  2. I’ve tried onions indoors, but never potatoes. Let’s just say the onions didn’t go so well :P. Thanks for this, you’ve inspired me to run my own version of this experiment on my blog!

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