Harness the Power of Positive Thinking

the power of positivity and positive thinking

Harness the Power of Positive Thinking

The Power of Positivity 

Ah, the power of positivity.  I can only imagine what the world will be like if everyone was willing to stay positive each and every day.  No, I’m not talking about a fanciful world full of only rainbows and unicorns.  Although, I think I figured out what happened to unicorns.  They are disguising themselves as rhinos!

Okay, pathetic attempts at humor aside and in all seriousness, what if everyone used the following guide to shape and frame their daily mindset? What would happen?

Whatever things are true,

Whatever things are noble,

Whatever things are right,

Whatever things are pure,

Whatever things are lovely,

Whatever things are of a good report,

If there is any excellence and if anything is worthy of praise,

Dwell on these things.

How to be Positive | Always think positive, Always be positive

Simple right? Well, how do we do that…

Think about things that are True

Merriam-Webster definition: “being in accordance with the actual state of affairs”.  I honestly have to chuckle at that definition.  It just sounds so formal. I understand this to mean that things that are true exist in the realm of reality. In other words, don’t lie and don’t think about lies – they aren’t true!

Try it today, don’t dwell on anything that isn’t true and see how the power of positive thinking helps you harness the power of positivity if you even just focus on this one thing and ignore the rest of this post.

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Think about things that are Noble

Merriam-Webster definition: “possessing very high or excellent qualities or properties”. Nobility sounds like the remnants of a by-gone era filled with knights and swords and all manner of chivalrousness but when reviewing what the word noble actually means, it is very applicable in my day-to-day life.

So, pick one thing – just one – that is noble in your life.  Write it down on a scrap of paper and set it on your desk.  Now… think about it for the next 30 seconds or so.






No, seriously – really think about what that means to you.








Think about things that are Right

Merriam-Webster definition: “being in accordance with what is just, good, or proper”.  This one.. is a tough one, mainly because turning on the T.V. or Radio and it seems we’re immediately inundated with every horrific event currently going on around the world.  Hmm… solutions to that?


Think about things that are Pure

Merriam-Webster definition: “free from what vitiates, weakens, or pollutes and containing nothing that does not properly belong”.  If you had to look up what vitiates meant, you aren’t alone. I like the third usage of the word, makes ineffective. Why? I could argue that thinking about pure things helps me be free from what makes me ineffective as a professional, in my business, in my family life and as a person.

I want to be effective, don’t you?


Think about things that are Lovely

Merriam-Webster definition: “delightful for beauty, harmony, or grace”.  I’m having a hard time not picturing the beauty that surrounds us in nature when I read this definition. Maybe its time to spend a few minutes outside around some trees?  I’ll have to come back a bit later to finish writing this… #nojoke


Think about things that are of a Good Report

Merriam-Webster definition: “high standing among others”.  I’m interested to read your thoughts on this one – what do you think?


Think about Excellence & things Worthy of Praise

Merriam-Webster definition: “having the quality of being very good of its kind”  Well, this is pretty much anti-most-media-outlets-today. Hmph – interesting.


How to be Happy, TPOH Style…


At TPOH.ME, we focus on the following aspects of our lives in our own Pursuit of Happiness.



Money isn’t the root of evil.

The love of money is the root of evil – this is an often misquoted statement.  Money allows a certain level of freedom.  Arguably, you can’t even feed your family without money.  So, we put in every effort to handle money in a “biblical” fashion.

  • Spend less than we make
  • Invest money we save into various “baskets” that continue to build wealth.  (No, I’m not referring to only stock market investing here… more on that later)
  • Have an emergency fund for, emergencies.
  • Continually look for ways to be more self-sufficient
  • Give continually



Humans are social creatures. We seem to have an inescapable need to associate with those around us.  Being a part of our local (and online 🙂 ) community helps to build lasting relationships that allow us to share our mutual successes and failures, all of which help to result in a positive life outlook.  I have yet to figure out if its simple coincidence or if there is a different mental state when volunteering my time, but there is a lot of joy to be had in helping others.

What are some of your favorite ways to interact in your community?  Have you ever helped with a community garden?



Exercising is obviously important just as diet is but there is good research that indicates lifestyle changes are more impactful than a temporary dietary regiments and it makes sense that this would be the case.  We try to focus on living healthy.  Actually, for a couple months now my wife and I have been adding elements of the Trim Healthy Mama into our meal plans. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t always choose the best things to eat, I have a sweet tooth. 🙁 However, its far better than it was even a year ago.

I’ve also recently started biking to work.  At first it was very exhausting but now its a very freeing experience. You should try it 🙂



The best wat to gain knowledge is to read books, articles and websites that frame your mindset in such a way that further’s your goals. If you haven’t already read the compilation of reccomendations in our last Days of Happiness series, I invite you to do so here.

By wisdom a house is built and by understanding it is established and by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.



My family is very important to me, as yours is to you.  Our every action seems to impact our families, whether or not we realize it at the time.  Taking time to spend with family is so important.  I have another post upcoming on this topic so I’ll stop here as to not spoil it 🙂



This is one of my favorites.  I also have another post on this coming up but will share just a bit.  The serene and awe inspiring virtues of nature are one of the reasons why we are planning our rural property adventures.  Watering the plants after work helps to de-stress and offers a time of bonding for my young son and myself.  What activities do you find rejuvinating?  Hiking? Biking? Camping? Trail Blazing?


Do you think about things these things?

  • True

  • Noble

  • Right

  • Pure

  • Lovely

  • Good Report

  • Excellence

Let us know how you cope with the daily grind in the comments below!

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