Fun Facts about February

Welcome to the first edition of The Rabbit Hole.  On occasion, we’ll post something generally considered off-topic and random.  Today, is all about the month of February.


February Fun Facts

Along with January, it was the last of the months added to the Roman Calendar.

February really is the shortest month of the year and the third month of the winter season.

In the Southern Hemisphere, February is the seasonal equivalent of August in the Northern Hemisphere.


“February” in Other Cultures

French – Février  |  Italian – Febbraio  |  Latin – Februarius  |  Spanish – Febrero | Finnish – Helmikuu  |  Saxon – Solmonath “Month of Cakes” – Now I have an excuse to eat cake all month long.  |  Germanic – Hornung  |  Welsh – Chwefror (y mis bach) “Little Month”  |  Chinese (Mandarin) – èryuè  |  Danish – Februa  |

The Saxons called February 'Solmonath' or 'Cake-Month' - My excuse to eat cake all month! Click To Tweet


Top 5 Movie Releases in February

The Passion of the Christ

Total Gross Revenue: $370,274,604

Release Date: February 25th, 2004



Total Gross Revenues: $363,070,709

Release date: February 12th, 2016

The LEGO Movie

Total Gross Revenue: $257,760,692

Release Date: February 7th, 2014


Total Gross Revenue: $179,495,555

Release Date: February 11th, 2005

Fifty Shades of Grey

Total Gross Revenue: $166,167,230

Release Date: February 13th, 2015

Revenue Source:


Month-long Events

National Bird-Feeding Month

Chocolate Lover’s Month

Parent Leadership Month

Black History Month (USA & Canada)

Events by Date

Floating Days

President’s Day (Third Monday) (USA)
World Marriage Day (Second Sunday)
Super Bowl Sunday (First Sunday)

February 1st

St. Brigid’s Day / Imbolc (Ireland)
Abolition of Slavery in Mauritius
National Freedom Day (USA)

February 2nd

Groundhog Day (USA & Canada)

February 4th

Sri Lanka Independence Day

February 5th

1917 Constitution of Mexico

February 6th

Waitangi Day (New Zealand)
Ronald Reagan Day (California)

February 7th

Independence Day (Grenada)

February 8th

Slovenian Cultural Holiday

February 9th

National Pizza Day (USA)

February 11th

National Foundation Day (Japan)

February 12th

Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday (USA)

February 14th

Valentine’s Day
The infamous mafia attack Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre

February 15th

Serbia’s National Day
Flag Day (Canada)

February 18th

Independence Day (Gambia)

February 19th

Flag Day (Turkmenistan)

February 20th

World Day of Social Justice

February 21st

International Mother Language Day

February 22nd

Independence Day (Saint Lucia)
George Washington’s Birthday (USA)
National Margarita Day (USA)

February 23rd

National Banana Bread Day

February 24th

Flag Day (Mexico)
Independence Day (Estonia)

February 25th

People Power Revolution (Philippines)

February 26th

Liberation Day (Kuwait)

February 27th

Independence Day (Dominican Republic)

February 29th

Leap Day
National Frog Legs Day (USA)



And now…the Finale

7 Facts about Squirrels you didn’t know!

Squirrels are known for constantly foraging and hoarding food… and for stealing! They lose 25 percent of their food to theft by birds and other squirrels.
A handful of these mischievous creatures was first released in 1877 in New York’s Central Park, where the population has since flourished.
Squirrels are surprisingly fast; at top speed, they can run 20 mph.
Their superhero-like talent to reach seemingly inaccessible bird feeders comes from the ability to rotate their hind feet 180 degrees.
There are 285 squirrel species around the world and three over-arching kinds: ground, tree and flying.
Most gray types can pull off an 8-foot jump from a stationary position.
A squirrel’s four front teeth grow about 10 inches a year. (Gnawing keeps them short.)



What do squirrels have to do with February? Nothing.  I just saw a picture of some and thought they should be appreciated today!

As always, thanks for reading!

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