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Financial freedom – this is an enormous subject with experts that have far greater subject knowledge than myself.  So why write a post on this topic you ask? Well, we will talk about money here on TPOHappiness for a few reasons.  First, I want to share with your our opinion of what financial freedom means to us and The Pursuit. Financial freedom in our opinion means being able to retire early and not beholden to corporate America by having the privilege of choosing to work on our passions rather than having to work only to make someone else rich.

Second, the topic is too important to simply ignore. When I think about it, ultimately we save for the sole purpose of having the privilege to choose. I mean really, that is what I want in life – options. If I want to retire early-er than others then I can because I’ve worked for the ability to make that decision (without living in a cardboard box). If I have enough saved and something horrible happens in my neck of the woods – assuming I am still physically up for the task – I can just up and leave to a new area (city) (region) (country). And yes, if I have enough to provide for my own family (by not living paycheck to paycheck) then I am much more likely to be in a position to help others in need in a very practical and impacting way. Money may not buy happiness but with it we can refocus on the Pursuit itself instead of living paycheck to paycheck. So from time to time, there will be discussions about Money things and how that relates to The Pursuit of Happiness.

Third, remember those helpful experts and perspectives I mentioned?  Well, I wanted to create a short list of some of the ones I frequent on a regular basis and share with you how they have helped our own Pursuit. So rather than reinventing the wheel, here are a list of Financial Freedom websites we enjoy and though you may want to visit:

We’ll add more on the Resources Page as we find them! To those website authors – THANK YOU – for sharing your knowledge and perspective with the rest of us.

What are your favorite financial websites? Are there any more that you’d like to see make the short list?

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