EXCUSES: Child Custody Battles

The following is a guest post from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

EXCUSES: Child Custody Battles


Excuses - Child Custody Battles

Is an excuse truly valid? Or, is it really just a conflict within our self to do nothing about a situation because of the pain of taking accountability?  An interesting thought for sure.

The Conversation

I recently had a conversation with a guy whose ex-girlfriend took his child away. I said, “Why don’t you get a lawyer?” He became frustrated with the question, and said: “Well, a lawyer takes money.” This is true, but in my opinion, this is an excuse to avoid saving the necessary money and putting in the leg work.

I truly believe that is what he should really say: “I don’t want to save the money or work two jobs to do that.” i.e. “My child isn’t that important to me”.

Yes, I know it is not easy. But, let’s look at some concepts and facts: The lawyer will be 3-5,000 per-say and many of them let you make payments. There are other options but this is a good starting point.

At the end of the day, the will and lazy behavior is the real problem. You can get a second job, you can save the money, you can figure out other resources, and you can win this case. It may not be simple, but the point is that it can be done.

Case #2

Another guy I know – he divorced his wife, left her the house, makes about $54,000 a year and pays $1,200 in child support every month. He lived with his brother after the divorce for a year, saved his money and went and bought another home. He had to keep up with credit payments and saved, but he had the WILL and left the excuses in his past where they belonged. He did get side jobs to help him along.

Case #3

Yet another guy’s ex took the baby away and her parents nor anyone would tell him where the baby was for two months. He hired a lawyer, paid him in payments, and they subpoena her parents. They were going to be charged if they didn’t tell the judge where the mother was with the child. The parents forced the mother to come to court, he then fought for joint custody and won. He had the drive and the will – and he doesn’t make a fortune either.

Case #4

I even needed $7,000 once and I came up with in 14 days just by thinking of different money-making ideas. Life is not going to drop anything in your lap unless you get an inheritance or are a wizard. Just remember if there is a will, there is a way.

The Conclusion

Excuses are there to make you lazy and hold you down. If you use them well – they will let you have nothing and be nothing. A strong person is one who has WILL in their soul and leaves the excuses where they belong.

What do you think? Is he right? Are there any excuses in your life holding you back from your pursuit?  I know for me personally, a big one is the fear of failure.

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