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Whatever you choose to do with your life is obviously up to you – and if you are happy then ultimately you are successful. But, what does that really mean?

Earl Nightingale, a successful guru around the 1950’s, stated that a man is who he believes he is.

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For example, if he believes he is poor – he will continue to be so. But, I also believe that most people don’t understand WHY they choose what they choose, or why they allow fear to hold them back. Many say, “I don’t need a lot of money.” But, when you ask them to go with you on vacation, they can’t. They can’t afford to.

When you ask if you can go out to eat with them – you have to pay for them because they can’t really afford to go or they make up a lie why they can’t go.

They want to spend time with their loved ones, but they can’t when it requires money. Those are just examples of course, and yes, there are many things you can do without money but when those are all exhausted for the 100th time, people like to get out and that takes money. Let’s face it, we all need, not a lot of money, but plenty of it.

In America, we live in a country where life is expensive.

But, regardless where you are born…the experience you have here is important and it is okay to want money to buy these experiences. Money is not evil. What it boils down to is making “extra” money or finding a better job.  Sometimes we just don’t have the guts to move up or sacrifice.

When I first started working, I made $9.00 per hour as a receptionist but I took that experience and kept moving. I knew that job would only give me so much – but when I transferred my experience, I made $1.00 – $2.00 more each time somewhere else. Staying in one job is not the answer unless you have a way to make extra money. For example, I have a ton of equity built up to create a savings from a house I own, and I am not using a 401K from any of my jobs. I am 40 years old and I have $70,000.00 so far.

The mind will achieve what it can conceive (Unknown Source). 

In the end, be careful what you wish for but never forget what is not of out of reach. Making more money is possible. Lowering your debt is possible and paying off your home is possible.

I’d posit that to a large extent, whatever is going wrong in your life is solely because it is what you FOCUS on. Energy is concentrated by thoughts that brings forth feelings. This wave of energy will bring back to your life what you feel, whether you desire it or not. So, it’s okay to want money. In the end, we need it, not to be happy, but to live life with greater experiences.

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1 thought on “DO YOU NEED MONEY TO BE HAPPY? – A Guest Post”

  1. No, what is happening in a person’s life is not just because of what they choose to FOCUS there energies on. Often a person’s circumstances can be difficult beyond what others can concieve. Added to that money is actually pretty unimportant for unhappiness compared to lots of other things once basic physiological needs (see evidence on this not just opinion) and the belief that money is important can actually act as a barrier to happiness by crowding out time for other really important things – like spending time with friends and family, which do not require money.

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