Did you know? There is an International Day of Happiness!


The Worldwide Happiness Day is March 20th, 2017!

Happiness Day, officially known as the International Day of Happiness was founded in 2012 with all 193 member states of the United Nations Assembly unanimously adopting the resolution. The resolution acknowledges that the Pursuit of Happiness is an inescapable goal of we, humans.

So thank you, governments of the world for tipping your hat to that wonderful and unalienable right; the pursuit of Happiness.

A big focus for the International Day of Happiness is to take action to improve not only your happiness but the happiness of others. Sounds like a good enough reason to introduce a series of posts on improving your Happiness and the Happiness of those around you!

The Pursuit of Happiness | Days of Happiness Series

A Few Topic Samples

Scattered throughout the month we’ll feature topics such as:

10 Fundamentals of Happiness
3 Ways to make Positive Thinking Habitual
Things to do to make TODAY Happy
8 Ways to be rid of Negativity
6 ways to focus your thoughts on the positive
Why Giving Makes YOU a Happier Person
10 Reasons to Smile More

and more…

Daily Postings!

Day of Happiness Celebrations Interviews

I’m also very excited to announce that each daily post in March (ambitious, I know) will include an interview from quite a few quality bloggers and business owners who share what happiness means in their own lives and if we’re lucky, some actual Happiness experts too!  Be sure to check out their sites when you see them post – they all have some great content!

Motivational Video

Sometimes, we just need a small dose of encouragement to get us through some rough times.  We’ll feature a short video each day doing just that!

Happy Thoughts

A bit of humor or just something that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

NNM Tidbits

Considering health and wellness is such a big part of being happy  aaand since March is also National Nutrition Month®, aaaand thepursuitofhappiness.me is on the blogroll 😉 , you’ll find helpful info and maybe a few games about just how easy it is and creative you can be in your efforts to eat healthy (and frugally)!


Each and every day find a snippet of the best articles around the web about pursuing your happiness.

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I am really looking forward to sharing this upcoming series with you. Don’t forget to sign-up!

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Interested in learning more about the origins of the International Day of Happiness? Check out the official website: http://www.happinessday.org

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10 thoughts on “Did you know? There is an International Day of Happiness!”

  1. Count me amongst those really excited for this. I look forward to reading along and learning more about happiness. Up until last week, I had no idea there was an International Day of Happiness. Pretty cool idea.

  2. Thanks for the comments everyone! I’ll do my best to pull this off. If you have any suggestions as we move forward don’t hesitate to share – there is wisdom in a multitude of counselors, so they say.

  3. Happiness is the end goal for everyone. I think starting with this as the goal and being clear about it can be helpful. Then you can start to talk about specifics that make you happy. For me it’s largely centered around having time to focus my life’s energy where I choose, taking a drivers seat in my one self actualization, connecting with loved ones, learning, etc. Inevitably, money always becomes part of the conversation when trying to get more time in your life.

    1. Very true, you can’t accomplish very much for very long without the resources (read: money) to do so.

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