Days of Happiness: Day Sixteen

Days of Happiness: Day Sixteen

The 30 days of Happy Thoughts series is inspired by the International Day of Happiness (March 20th, 2017).


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National Nutrition Month® Tidbits

March is also National Nutrition Month®! Eating healthy is important to your happiness too!

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Check out this week’s NNM video here.

Day of Happiness Celebrations: Q&A

Happiness means different things to different people, what does Happiness mean to you?

Happiness to me is becoming a better version of myself each day and spending time with those I love.


Do you believe happiness is an emotion or more of a state of mind?

I believe happiness is a state of mind. Two people can face the same situation and have a completely different reaction. An attitude of gratefulness and grit can make the best situation out of nearly anything.


Do you consider being happy important to you? Why?

Happiness is extremely important to me. Being happy (also synonymous with fulfilled for me) is the key to life.


What do you consider a fundamental barrier to Happiness in your life?

The biggest barrier to me is the balance between hard work and contentment. Because I want to get better each day I need to consistently work hard in all areas of my life. At the same time, I want to be content with what I have and the relationships with my loved ones.


How important is wealth and money to your own happiness?

Wealth and money are a small part of my own happiness. When I got married I learned that the biggest reason for fighting is money and knew I never wanted that to be an issue. Being smart with my money and consistently growing my wealth allows me the peace of mind that I need. Because I don’t have to worry about money I can focus on enjoying life.

How important is health and wellness to happiness?

Health and wellness is a huge part of my happiness. In the short term being healthy allows me more energy and a better attitude. In the long run it delays the effects of aging and gives me the best shot to lead a long and happy life.

What has been the happiest moment in your life?

The happiest moment in my life was getting married to my wife. Since that day we have helped each other grow into the person we are today and have only grown closer. I could never imagine life without her.

Do you consider giving to others or charity work an important part of your own Pursuit and why?

I absolutely do. Currently my family tithes and supports a little one in Africa. In the future I want to grow my charity work. However, because I also like to focus on a set number of things I’m limiting myself to those actions currently. Longer term I hope to grow my charity work significantly.

What 2 things have you learned in your own pursuit that you would like to share with others?

  1. Money is only important to the point in which it allows you the peace of mind to go pursue everything else you want in life
  2. Find out what makes you happy and set your priorities around those areas. If money is your focus then you will chase every dollar.

If you could recommend only three websites/books/articles to anyone reading this, what would they be, and why?

  1. The Total Money Makeover – while this was only my start to money management it helped me put a simple and aggressive plan to correct the trajectory of my life. Highly recommend for anyone just starting their journey
  2. Your Money or Your Life – This will help you understand that money is not the end all be all. What good is a million dollars if you have no one to share it with?
  3. The Millionaire Next Door – contrary to popular belief you can’t judge someone’s wealth by the size of their house or the price of their car. It took me a long time to realize this and helped me understand that I need to spend money on necessities and not luxuries.

What is your blog/website address and theme (if you want to share) for 2017?

My blog is all about my journey to go from where I’m at to where I want to go. While the primary focus is on money I try to stress that’s not what life is about. I also share some of my past of how I went from $70k in debt to a net worth of $140k in 5.5 years.

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