Days of Happiness: Day Six

Days of Happiness: Day Six

The 30 days of Happy Thoughts series is inspired by the International Day of Happiness (March 20th, 2017).


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National Nutrition Month® Tidbits

March is also National Nutrition Month®! Eating healthy is important to your happiness too!

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Day of Happiness Celebrations: Q&A

Happiness means different things to different people, what does Happiness mean to you?

For me, happiness is being at peace. At peace with who you are, with where you are, with your past, and with your future.


Do you believe happiness is an emotion or more of a state of mind?

Definitely a state of mind! Happiness is a paradigm. It’s the way you see the world, people’s intentions, the outcome of events, etc.


Do you consider being happy important to you? Why?

It’s the most important thing to me! The older we get, the more people we know who pass away. Grandparents, friends, aunts, uncles, it’s an unfortunate fact of life. And I’m old enough to have lost several friends and family members. I also volunteer at the hospice in my city and I’ve talked with people who are about to pass. In the end, it really is about the level of happiness you have regarding your life. I feel lucky that I’ve had this reinforced in my life several times so that my current decision-making structure is focused on what will make me truly happiest. Not what will make me the most money, garner more clout, feed my ego, etc. I just want to be happy.


What do you consider a fundamental barrier to Happiness in your life?

My perfectionism. My default mindset is a perpetual “I’ll be happy when…” “Everything will be perfect when…” in order to drive me toward my goals. But that’s so destructive to a happy life. Life truly is about the journey, not the destination and that’s something I work on daily.


How important is wealth and money to your own happiness?

Low to moderately important. I won’t persist in a job I hate just because the money is good (been there, done that, hated it), but I am passionate about monetizing the things that love to do because financial security is important to me. I was raised to be a “saver” (as opposed to a “spender”) so financial stress has rarely been an issue and I intend to keep it that way.


How important is health and wellness to happiness?

Health and wellness is extremely important to my happiness. Aside from the direct “high” I get from endorphins at the gym, being strong and healthy makes me feel empowered in general and makes me feel more prepared if I needed to defend myself. My sense of vulnerability (which is a pretty constant thing for women) is severely reduced because I feel confident in my ability to protect myself. Additionally, my family on both sides has a history of cancer and disease, so staying healthy reduces my anxiety of that happening to me.


What has been the happiest moment in your life?

It truly is hard to pick just one! I meditate regularly so most of them are random moments in which I simply just felt extremely at peace. I studied in Hong Kong for a year and was truly joyful on the plane ride home to see my family. I shared a kiss with my first love under a bridge in a beautiful park. I love to perform and feel truly happy when I’m on stage. I have 5 nieces and nephews and each of their births touched my heart. My life is full of “happiest moments” and I count myself lucky to not be able to choose.


Do you have any specific goals or resolutions for 2017?  If so, would your share your top two that directly relate to your own Pursuit of Happiness?

Sing more – I just love to sing and I need to do it more often!

Get my company more profitable—I started my company (Two Good Cocoa) with my twin sister and she has 3 children. Money is always an issue with three kids so I want to help mitigate that stressor by helping make Two Good Cocoa as profitable as possible. We also donate 10% of our profits to charity, so the more profitable we are, the more we can give back!


Do you consider giving to others or charity work an important part of your own Pursuit and why?

Countless studies show the positive effects of giving (time, money, resources) on the human mind and body! I think it’s a great practice to give without expectation of return and charity work does a good job of taking us out of that “quid pro quo” mindset. And who doesn’t need more good karma out there to come back their way?


What 2 things have you learned in your own pursuit that you would like to share with others?

Comparison is the killer of happiness. Perfection does not equal happiness.


If you could recommend only three websites/books/articles to anyone reading this, what would they be, and why?

5 Regrets of the Dying by Bronnie Ware

Ishmael by Daniel Quinn

3 things I learned while my plane crashed – Ric Elias (


What is your blog/website address and theme (if you want to share) for 2017?

Two Good Cocoa—Gourmet Cocoa Blends—


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  1. Many of us struggle with the perfectionism gene but if we can recognize it, we can work towards letting go of it. I hope you find the time and opportunity to sing more!

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