Days of Happiness: Day Five

Days of Happiness: Day Five

The 30 days of Happy Thoughts series is inspired by the International Day of Happiness (March 20th, 2017).


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Today’s Happy Thoughts

Be so happy that when others look at you, they become happy too
Be so happy that when others look at you, they become happy too. Source:

National Nutrition Month® Tidbits

March is also National Nutrition Month®! Eating healthy is important to your happiness too!

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Check out this week’s NNM video here.


Day of Happiness Celebrations: Q&A

Happiness means different things to different people, what does Happiness mean to you?

Happiness to me means enjoying every moment of life. Even when life gets tough, you can even those experiences as a lesson to learn. Being happy means being grateful for all your blessings, and living in the now.


Do you believe happiness is an emotion or more of a state of mind?

Happiness is a state of mind, 100%. An emotion comes and goes, however your state of mind is something that you work on. In order to attain happiness you have to be aware of your emotions.


Do you consider being happy important to you? Why?

Very important. This is my one life, what’s my excuse to not be happy?


What do you consider a fundamental barrier to Happiness in your life?

My ego. My ego tends to live in the past or in the future. It makes it difficult to enjoy the present moment. I have been reading The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle which really helps me understand how to sincerely be happy.


How important is wealth and money to your own happiness?

Once all my basic needs are met then it’s all relative. I am starting to learn that great experiences far outweigh money and wealth. Sure, I am comfortable for my age however I know MORE doesn’t always equal HAPPIER.


How important is health and wellness to happiness?

Very important. I even started my own fitness store, Grind Fit Gear, in order to be in the health/fitness industry. I believe having a positive and healthy lifestyle is a key aspect to being happy. It’s difficult to be happy if you have deteriorating health.


What has been the happiest moment in your life?

Too many to name!


Do you have any specific goals or resolutions for 2017?  If so, would your share your top two that directly relate to your own Pursuit of Happiness?

I do. My goal is to start my own business and be able to work for myself. Right now I have run a financial blog, Millennial Money Guide, and I recently started an online fitness store, Grind Fit Gear, and I hope that I can generate enough income with these sources to work for myself and no longer need my 9-5.


Do you consider giving to others or charity work an important part of your own Pursuit and why?

Yes, helping others is always a positive thing and makes you happy. A percentage of all sales of Grind Fit Gear is donated to the American Cancer Society. I started the fitness ecommerce store after my aunt was diagnosed with brain cancer. I wanted to help her and others and this was something that I could do that will help the cause.


What 2 things have you learned in your own pursuit that you would like to share with others?

Be grateful for everything that you have.

Buy experiences, not possessions.


If you could recommend only three websites/books/articles to anyone reading this, what would they be, and why?

The Power Of Now, Eckhart Tolle

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco.


What is your blog/website address and theme (if you want to share) for 2017?

My name is Brian Meiggs and I am the owner of Grind Fit Gear and founder of Millennial Money Guide. I launched Millennial Money Guide in order to share my experience and knowledge in finance and entrepreneurship. I teach others how to balance finances with living a great life now and preparing for the future through entrepreneurial ventures and fiscally smart decision making. I started Grind Fit Gear after my aunt was diagnosed with brain cancer and proceeds from every sale will be donated to the American Cancer Society.

Thank you Brian for sharing with us insights into your pursuit!





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