Are you being Intentional in your Pursuit?


A Unique Opportunity

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Here in America, we have in many ways, a unique opportunity.  Our founding documents actually state that pursuing Happiness is an unalienable Right.  I don’t know about you buy I find this to be quite a fascinating concept.

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I made the below comment in response to a post about Comfort Zones

Well, I stepped out of my comfort zone by standing up to an abusive CEO and his unethical policies late last year. It felt good at the time – and I was completely professional in my manner of doing so.

I was fired on the spot of course.

It opened the door to several things, including starting a website (which I had often thought about but never acted on).

Is the future uncertain now? Well, sure it is but that wasn’t really any different from before. There is certainly much more freedom to be had and opportunity to explore than I had imagined.

I’m not encouraging anyone to go and get themselves fired, but stepping out on a limb sure can be exhilarating!

That interaction got me thinking… So, if I have a right to pursue my own happiness – why would I spend my limited time with activities that didn’t fall in line with that objective?  The objective of course being Happiness. If I am not going to live each day to its fullest then I didn’t make the most of it.  Shame. On. Me. Since each day only happens once in my lifetime wasting days doesn’t make me very happy.

As some of you know from this post, I am currently in the process of deciding between finding full-time employment or starting a business of my own.  There are pros and cons to both, obviously. The trick is and what I need to decide – what do I want to spend my time on? With a new baby in the house, I am realizing just how precious my time is, not just to myself but to my wife and son as well.

Considerations Moving Forward

Income Potential

Starting a business from scratch is a lot of work, the income will be crap at first, but the payoff could be ‘YUGE’.  A big question is: Can I make it work before running out of reserves?

A “regular” job is appealing in that the stable income would allow me to slowly, but surely, work on obtaining our goal to retire early to our Rural Property.  I’d be giving the best of myself each week to my employer.  That is hard to swallow now…maybe it shouldn’t be – but it is.


From every mentor I have spoken to there is no chance of “hanging my hat at the door” in a startup. Apparently, working all the time will just be the norm – which is why having one focused around passions is so important.

On the other hand, a regular 8-5 is something that, most likely, allow me to do just that.  Until of course, another round of layoffs occur at the new company; then I won’t have a hat to hang at all.  Hmm…

Risk of Failure

Startups fail all the time.  Seriously, its damn hard to get a business off of the ground.  The SBA has stats that state the majority of startups fail.

Nothing guarantees the next job to be around for long though either.  I’d more or less be at the whim of my new employer.  I know that I am not alone in being given the short stick by the boss man.

There are other considerations of course and a large number of details to be worked out before heading down a business pathway, though many details have been worked out.  I am still left with trying to hash out one major question…

Happiness Factor

I’ll be honest with you, the previous job I held was an awesome position.  Seriously. Awesome. The role I played was not only instrumental but critical to company growth and success and I was compensated very well because of it. We even quadrupled in size in only three years.

But, I was miserable in no small part because of the Corporate Culture.  The environment was despotic and indecorous where being a “team” player meant falling in line to the CEOs wishes regardless of scruples.  I found myself becoming someone whom I didn’t respect.  Someone who even started to consider that old adage of ‘the ends justify the means’.

Thankfully, the arrival of my son helped me refocus and put things back into perspective.  I realized I needed to be intentional in my Pursuit.

So, BIG QUESTION:  Which option leads me to make the most of each and every day?

Any advice?  What do you choose to spend your time on?  What would you choose to spend your time on?

Now, think about your own life.

As you go about your own day to day activities, think about what you spend the majority of your time on.  Begin the process of evaluating whether or not that is the activity that has a positive impact in your life and the lives of those whom you care about.

What do your kids think of where and how you spend your time?  What does your significant other think about your priorities?  And of course, what do you think?

If you are maximizing your potential and your Pursuit is on course – bravo.  I believe you are one of the few who can honestly say that is the case. If you aren’t, consider the changes that can you make today to start the process.  What about the time you spend after the workday? Are you spending so much money on things that you can’t afford to consider employment changes?  This article from readies helps to highlight the importance of being adaptable with your finances.

Probing questions, I know – but important ones if real Happiness is to be achieved in our lives.

So these are the issues I will continue to wrestle with over the next few days and weeks. While I’m looking forward to the outcome I will daily ask myself this question: Are you being intentional in your Pursuit of Happiness?


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12 thoughts on “Are you being Intentional in your Pursuit?”

  1. As you know, I’m a fan of stepping outside my comfort zone 🙂

    Hopefully a couple things unfold in 2017 and a new position will lead to a fresh start and the continued pursuit of happiness. It is a great point about being intentional in the pursuit.

    I understand your struggles in deciding to work for yourself or someone else. I have found myself torn between the same decision before and I have tended to lean towards the security of a regular paycheck. But I used that stability to more comfortable wade in the waters of entrepreneurship, buying a business last year with my brothers and together we are on a mission to grow.

    Would something like this ever be a consideration? Finding a 9-5 and stable paycheck while pursuing a start-up on the side? I know that time may be the issue, especially with the newborn. Congrats by the way!

    1. I have a couple side hustles going on currently but its an open consideration, though the time constraints would be considerable considering the baby. I’d feel a bit like I’d have to give something up and not be able to give full effort to one or the other. Hmm…

      Thanks for your thoughts!

  2. Have you seen that show No Tomorrow? In parts it gets horribly cheezy, but it’s overarching point seems to be right up your alley–live each day to its fullest and pursue what you really want!
    I’ve found that the appeal of going back to traditional employment has definitely ebbed after being able to write my own schedule for so long with self-employment, too. I feel like if my young children are still asleep at the time you want me to set my alarm clock for, that’s torture.

  3. Great post!
    I am sorry to hear that you lost your job for standing up to the abusive CEO. However, it seems like it will be for the best in the long run.

    As for your questions, if you are in the position to start a business, and it’s something you’ve always wanted to do, I’d say go for it. Obviously it will require a lot of hard work and planning, but the fulfillment and experience will be invaluable. From my own experience, I was miserable in roles I’ve held before. It doesn’t matter if it’s a good job or not if you’re unhappy. Life is too short and hard enough as it is.

    As for me, I would say I am being intentional with my goals. My ultimate goal is to reach financial independence as a dividend investor, blogger, and freelancer. Although, I think I could prioritize better and waste less time. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Life is too short that is certainly something to keep in mind in deciding the path forward.

      Thanks for the comments and perspective!

  4. I have two questions in response of your question.

    First would you kick yourself if you didn’t pursue one of the opportunities and always wonder?

    Second how much would you learn and gain from each opportunity?

    I think that would potentially help gain some clarity.

    For me, I would try to work the 9-5 and hustle on the side. I think in the book originals they said that people that had a 9-5 with a business on the side ended up having greater success rates than those that jumped in head first.

    1. “First would you kick yourself if you didn’t pursue one of the opportunities and always wonder? ”


      “Second how much would you learn and gain from each opportunity?”

      Tons from both no doubt. I can honestly say that I try to learn as much as I possibly can from almost every situation.

  5. The questions you ask are very difficult to answer, and probably more important than typical financial related ones. It’s funny how easy it is to address money questions, even tough ones. Math after all is pretty straightforward. Happiness on the other hand is a tricky beast! It’s both personal and subjective. I’m personally grappling with the same concepts. My theory is that absolute freedom and financial independence is part of the key, since it allows the “luxury” of contemplating happiness in its purest form. Only a theory, since I haven’t tested it yet. The environment you described was toxic, that chapter has been read. Starting a new chapter is exciting, and even if you don’t like what you read, at least you’ll learn the ending in the process. Very few people even pick up the book.

  6. To be honest – some of the questions you proposed above stung a bit. After some self-reflection, I realized that sometimes my priorities get a bit jumbled despite my intentions to live intentionally in each moment.

    I find that when my priorities have gone astray, I have stopped asking myself an important guiding question – “What is time for now?” A wise mentor taught me to ask this question several times each day, and I’ve found a strong correlation between my happiest and most successful times and the periods in which I remember to ask the question.

    1. I love that question – thanks for sharing it! It’s almost as though we need a list of questions to ask ourselves to read aloud every morning…

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