Anno 2016 comes to an end


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Here we go again! Today is New Year’s Eve and yet another year is coming to a close.  It seems like just twelve months ago it was the end of 2015. Oh wait, it was! Lame attempts at humor and in all seriousness though, I love it when a new year is rearing its head. In many ways, it symbolizes a fresh start for many things including the annual updates, new year’s resolutions, financial cycles and more!.

Speaking of financial cycles, are you any closer to your goals? The tax year is rounding down and it’s time to add those sales tax numbers up from the receipts we’ve been saving all year among other things of course. What is your most challenging tax time activity? Instead of procrastinating try taking care of it first. It’s a lot less stressful that way!

This year we wanted to start a blog about our goals and aspirations in life and thus the Pursuit of Happiness was born.  So far this project has been quite interesting. We’ve learned a lot about SEO, Google Analytics and a number of other technical aspects of running a website. Boy, can this stuff get rather complex! Another rather major aspect of having a website is the writing portion and this one can be a doozy, especially if you are not a natural writer (as is the case with myself).  However, the best time to start the things you have dreamed of is now and so that is what we’ve done and it’s been so worth it!  I want to shout out to those who have been instrumental in helping make this site a success! (You know who you are!) Oddly enough we have already had some very interesting conversations surrounding this site and we are very much looking forward to what 2017 will bring.

Here is a short list of our goals for 2017:

  • Create at least 7 quality posts on The Pursuit of Happiness each month. (~2 per week)
  • Work with my wife to start the Baby Blog (Our Little Dinosaur)
  • Determine which region we will be purchasing The Rural Property and find a Realtor to work with
  • Design the Homestead
  • Save $90k specifically for The Rural Property down payment purchase
  • Finalize the Herb Garden design to be used off of our current kitchen patio door for this year’s cooking endeavors.
  • Begin an interview section of the website to highlight other’s Pursuits
  • Continue networking with the blogger community and establish new friendships (I’m so looking forward to this!)
  • Create a Resources page to highlight the things we love and use that may be of benefit to you also!


That’s all for now but we reserve the right to add more goals as we fine-tune the details!

What goals do you have for your Anno 2017?

Let us know here!


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