Aaaand he’s back!


I again want to extend a yuge (#haha) thank you to each Guest Poster who agreed to step in and write a bit whilst I was busily setting up another side business and relocating my family.

If you missed any of the guest posts you can see them here:

Didn’t realize I was gone?

Good!  My inner egomaniac however is less than pleased; it has been awhile since I have been able to personally write anything for the site.  *insert a very very sad face*

Its heartbreaking, I know, to missed out on my many words over the spring and summer… We’ve been busy though and I’ll share with you now!


The Highlights

The last few months have held a number of exciting challenges for us:

  • Sold our house out in the outskirts of the suburbs and rented an apartment very near my (new) day job in the city.
  • Moved from the house to the apartment.  Yes, I know that it is implied by the sale and new rental but it gets the honor of its own bullet point since we moved up THREE freakin’ flights of stairs!Needless to say we’ll be using LetGo and OfferUp to lighten our stuff load before we move again. We’ve agreed to invest the small sums of money earned into our dividend portfolio.
  • Sold one of our cars and purchased a bicycle so that I can commute to work.  Yes, Mr. Money Mustache would be proud 🙂  Although there aren’t as many bike lanes as I would have thought… yikes!
  • Launched an e-commerce business to diversify our online business portfolio and get us one step closer to our Rural Property
  • Accepted a consulting opportunity to supplement our income whilst my wife is full-time at home
  • Accepted a different full-time day job, less pay but greater flexibility and a better work environment
  • Experienced the joy of watching my baby boy take his first steps (you can read about this over at the blog: Our Little Dinosaur
  • And best of all, grew closer to one another (me and my wife, that is, as well as our little son)

All in all, it has been a great 2017 so far and I am so pleased to be able to get back into sharing our Pursuit of Happiness and reconnecting with our followers.

Moving Forward

If there is any interest, I’m happy to expound upon the above and share why each decision moved us further along in our Pursuit.

I’ll also be updating the missing monthly blog performance posts so we can continue to track progress and measure results (I just can’t escape my inner nerd)


But enough about me, how was your summer?  Make any major decisions to further your own pursuits?


P.S. While I’ve been away, what did you think of the Happiness News section of the website? I’m very much interested in brutally honest feedback.

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4 thoughts on “Aaaand he’s back!”

  1. I’m so proud of all you have done to help us accomplish so many tedious tasks over the past few months. You worked so hard to bring us many steps closer to our dream, and all with a less than desirable amount of sleep, while working for others, and balancing out the time to still meet the emotional and quality time needs of both me and our son.

    It’s a privilege being your wife, dear one. I love you.

  2. Hey Wes, I didn’t even realize you were gone. Just kidding! Glad to see you’re back and wow! You’ve really done a lot in the last few months.

    I’m always full of admiration for people who are willing to take on more side jobs or cut down on their monthly expenses to help their finances. It’s not an easy choice to make.

    I have no kids but I am sure the moment of watching your son take his first step, must have been magical for you.

    1. Magical it was! He’s growing so fast and its such an honor to aid him in this time in his life.

      Welcome back yourself! 😉

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