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Blog Numbers sharing post – Round TWELVE!


2017 has come and gone and so has my first year being a blogger here on TPOH.ME. Now that I’ve had a year under my belt and a much better idea of not only what posts are more popular but also what I enjoy writing about more – I will be working on a site revamp over the next few months.

This will include:

  • Reducing the number of ads and affiliate links on the site. I think this makes for a cleaner presentation.
  • Revamping the Resources Page which includes the affiliate resources as well as the non-affiliate resources.
  • Adding a new faith-based blogging category, the Pursuit of Clarity/Truth.  My belief system is fundamental to how I view happiness, and so want to begin sharing this.
  • Adding another new category, specifically things I want my son to know.  This will help keep me accountable in documenting those things which I know I should be sharing as he gets older.  I won’t share everything on this blog of course but there will be quite a bit that I will be able to share.

On to the 2017 traffic numbers!


I’ve decided that moving forward I am only going to report the following categories:

  • Sessions
  • Pageviews
  • Notable Traffic Spikes
  • Top Referrers

From the feedback I’ve received – I think the other information, while still valuable, doesn’t matter as much to the reader and essentially clutters the presenation.

Sessions : 4,883 | | This is an 28,623% decrease from 2016 | Increased

Total number of Sessions within the date range. A session is the period time a user is actively engaged with your website, app, etc. All usage data (Screen Views, Events, Ecommerce, etc.) is associated with a session.

Pageviews : 18,379 | | This is a 1,865 % increase from 2016 | Increased

Pageviews is the total number of pages viewed. Repeated views of a single page are counted.

Bounce Rate : 51% | | and holding steady around those numbers | Increased X

Bounce Rate is the percentage of single-page visits (i.e. visits in which the person left your site from the entrance page without interacting with the page).



Traffic Spikes:

There was one notable traffic spike in March, probably due to posting more than 30 times that month for the Days of Happiness celebrations.

Top Social Referrer:

Twitter was the top social referrer by number of sessions for 2017 with StumbleUpon at 2nd place while Facebook remains a distant third.

Top Website Referrer:

I’m changing this to report other blogger websites only.  This year’s top referrer is frugalwoods.com


2017’s Top Four most Popular Pages:

Note: I am considering removing the Home Page numbers to make room for articles posted for that month.


Interested in our Twitter Stats?


I decided to continue sharing the Twitter activities because its just so exciting to share the results of one’s efforts! (Though, admittedly a little less exciting of late as the focus hasn’t been on Twitter as much due to day job time constraints).

Would you be interested in both Facebook and Twitter results?  I’m considering this since Facebook sessions beat out Twitter this month – but will have to see if this trend continues or if it was a one time thing.

At a Glance

November 2017 – Summary

Tweets: 323 | Tweet impressions: 23.1K | Profile visits: 337 | Mentions: 31 | New followers: -90 (more on this below)


October 2017 – Summary

Tweets: 391 | Tweet impressions: 37.9K | Profile visits: 607 | Mentions: 53 | New followers: -252


September 2017 – Summary

Tweets: 286 | Tweet impressions: 73.4K | Profile visits: 416 | Mentions: 30 | New followers: -17


August 2017 – Summary

Tweets: 390 | Tweet impressions: 89.8K | Profile visits: 889 | Mentions: 41 | New followers: 156


July 2017 – Summary

Tweets: 397 | Tweet impressions: 80.6K | Profile visits: 1,094 | Mentions: 96 | New followers: 448

June 2017 – Summary

Tweets: 378 | Tweet impressions: 84.4K | Profile visits: 1,426 | Mentions: 52 | New followers: 226

May 2017 – Summary

Tweets: 435 | Tweet impressions: 94.8K | Profile visits: 1,957 | Mentions: 52 | New followers: 373


April 2017 – Summary

Tweets: 446 | Tweet impressions: 83.6K | Profile visits: 1,193 | Mentions: 78 | New followers: 76

March 2017 – Summary

Tweets: 490 | Tweet impressions: 104K | Profile visits: 6,433 | Mentions: 158 | New followers: 929


February 2017 – Summary

Tweets: 677 | Tweet impressions: 65.2K | Profile visits: 3,132 | Mentions: 128 | New followers: 299

January 2017 – Summary

Tweets: 556 | Tweet impressions : 45.2K | Profile visits : 2,350 | Mentions : 75 | New followers : 231

December 2016 – Summary

Tweets: 3 | Tweet impressions: 34 | Profile visits: 7 | New followers: –

The Details

What happened with our Twitter Followers this month:

Apparently a number of Twitter accounts use a “follow for follow” approach so I am still seeing a downward trend in Twitter follows in total, even though we are gaining new followers each day.  I’m expecting this to level out this month.

PLEASE NOTE: If you happened to be an account I unfollowed, please know that I haven’t been able to refollow every account I intend to just yet but am still working on it!  I don’t hate you – I promise!

Useful Tools:

  • SNAP (Social Networks Auto Poster): This plugin has been very helpful for sending out new posts automatically to not only Twitter, but to other social media accounts as well. We configured the tweet to include a shortened URL from Rebrandly using the domain we purchased from GoDaddy and learned how to use UTM parameters to track website visits from these tweets. Very cool; if you haven’t done so I suggest you try it!
  • *Note* Lest you think the Twitter account is mainly automated, each morning and evening we are active on Twitter and have been able to connect with some wonderful people this way.

Plans moving forward:

  • I’m still considering the creation of additional videos to help with engagement.  Has anyone else tried this with any success?
  • What makes a tweet worth retweeting


Well, that’s it for Twitter so far. Very excited about the rebuild process.  Would you like to see another social platform numbers reporting like we do with Twitter? Let us know in the comments below.

Don’t have the Twitter mobile app? Download it on the App Store.

FELLOW BLOGGERS: If you haven’t tried the Google Analytics iPhone and iPad app you may want to consider it.  I enjoy checking the numbers on the go!


 P.S. If you would, share us via the buttons below I’m working on some event tracking metrics which I’ll share below once there is enough data 😉 – thanks for the continued support!
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