A Priceless Smile


I’m simply excited.

Last month, my wife gave birth to our firstborn son. It has been quite an adventure, a generally sleepless adventure I might add but an adventure nonetheless. Wow! Having a little guy around really does change your life. Sure, I was told time and again from other parents just how much it can change your life and I understood that but what I didn’t understand was the sheer extent of the change. Having a baby really has totally and completely changed my day to day schedule. It’s tough but the rewards are so incredible.  You other parents know what I’m talking about.

I have experienced nothing like quite like being a parent of a little baby boy.  Sleepless nights, spit-up, blowouts and all.  I’ll tell you another thing that I completely underestimated the impact of and that was his first smile.  His first ‘real’ smile, not those gassy smiles that bring a chuckle from observers but the first time he looked at me and grinned from ear to ear. I tell you it melted my heart, and as my wife would attest I’m generally a bit of a hard-ass so you know that smile had to be a good one! Back to the point though – Yes, our baby had his first smile today! Those of you who have been there knowing just how special it is to have your baby look at you and smile for the very first time.  What joy!

How was your first baby smile experience? Was it as overwhelmingly joyous for you as it was for us?


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