A Powerful Front

Wow is it cold outside – at least compared to the 74 degrees it was yesterday. It is now 29 degrees and the wind is howling!  All we have currently for heat is the central a/c so our electric bill will most likely triple for today.  We use an app that allows us to view our electric usage on a daily basis which really comes in handy when attempting to isolate the various appliance electric usage.

When we move outside the city we are wanting to provide heat in three main ways.  The first is by a wood stove, the second by a fireplace and the third is by designing the house in such a way that the solar energy is captured (best it can be) so that the sun does much of the work.

Other ways friends of mine heat their homes:

  • Firewood/Fireplace
  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Solar
  • Wood Stove

What ways do you keep your house warm?

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